Fitting the right kitchen worktop

Choosing the best material when fitting a kitchen worktop can be a difficult decision to make, get it right and it can bring an old and tired kitchen to life, get it wrong and it could be something you have to live with for years and that you just aren’t happy with. Below are some of the most popular materials used for modern kitchen worktops:


One of the most common kitchen worktops, laminate can come in many colours and textures. A chopping board is advised for cutting and hot pans should not be placed directly on the kitchen worktop. Laminate is fairly inexpensive, stain resistant but cannot be repaired if damaged.


Granite comes in a wide range of colours, and is very hard-wearing. Although very resistant to food staining, remove tea, coffee and spilt wine immediately as these are prone to leave stains. It is very resistant to heat, and water damage, so fine for putting hot pans directly on the surface. Granite worktops are usually glossy and polished, but can also available matt finish and often more expensive than other worktops and can be very heavy.

Stainless steel

First thing, if you don’t love cleaning don’t get a stainless steel worktop! Although easy to clean and stain resistant, stainless steel is extremely difficult to keep spotless. Very modern in design, it’s also often used in professional kitchens due to it’s antibacterial properties, so normally used in food preparation areas. Although easy to clean it’s also very easy to scratch , so no cutting on the surface and no abrasive cleaning materials.


Reasonably well priced, wood is an eco-friendly option and can come in a variety of patterns, grains and colours, both light and dark.  Containing natural anti-bacterial properties it’s quite hygienic, can be repaired if required and appearance can be improved by applying an thin oil coat every so often. Although easy to clean it can be prone to stains from moisture and scratching if used as a cutting surface.

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